The Heats Are Here

Heat 1 Victoria Parmer Alexandra Maningat Angela Kiowski Megan Maggard Jennifer Evidente Tim Willis Charles Hasley Tate Greer Dennis Hetrick Mike Mayfield   Heat 2 Allison Singleton Beth Kovacs Erika Knue Shannon Mullinnix Kaitlin Starrett Sean Brinkman Sean Vaughn Chris Parish Severo Fernandez Matt Derusha   Heat 3 Rachel Venn Bao Squire Jackie Johnson Natasha […]

Get Ready

Huge Barbells and Handlebars Sponsor – FringeSport

Barbells and Handlebars athletes, as you are cussing and spitting your way through the events, we have to say that it wouldn’t have been possible without the equipment contribution of FringeSport. Be sure to stop by and say, “hi” to these guys at the event. FringeSport is the official supplier to the garage gym functional […]

Third and Final Workout

We really appreciate the support and partnership FringeSport has provided Barbells & Handlebars this year. And now for the 3rd workout! Workout 13.3 10 min AMRAP – 20 burpee to plate buy-in In the remaining time: – 12 KB snatches – 50m sled push – 8 squat clean thrusters – 50m sled push Intermediate weights: […]

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Second Workout

Workout 13.2 6 minute AMRAP 1k Row then in the remaining time perform max reps of: – 3 shoulder to overhead – 3 over the bar burpees – 6 shoulder to overhead – 6 over the bar burpees – 9 shoulder to overhead – etc… Intermediate Weights: 115/75 Advanced Weights: 155/105   *At 3,2,1 Go! […]

First Workout Announced

We hope you’re as excited as we are because here’s the first of 3 workouts to be announced. Workout 13.1 Intermediate Clean ladder Women’s Weights: 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135 Men’s Weights: 115, 135, 155, 175, 195, 205, 215, 225, 235, 245 Advanced Clean + hang clean ladder Women’s Weights: […]

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Tonight We Shave to Start Movember

Sharpen those blades and warm the lather—tonight is the shave off party! Meet us at 7:30 at East Dallas Crossfit. It’s going to be a good time so we hope you make it. East Dallas CrossFit 7230 Gaston Ave Dallas, TX 75214 View East Dallas CrossFit in a larger map Ladies, we will have some […]

Prostate Cancer’s Nemesis: Exercise

Men diagnosed with prostate cancer can count another ally in their corner for their fight–exercise. Consistent and rigorous activity at least three hours a week may reduce the risk of death from prostate cancer. This discovery was made by Harvard School of Public Health and University of California, San Francisco researchers and published in the […]

House of Lords... being British

Great Moments in the Moustache History #283: The Gunpowder Plot

Once again Barbells & Handlebars presents another great moment and discovery in the history of the moustache. On this day, November 5th, in 1605, a rebellious plot was undone and a stylish mo’ took wing. Armed with only a slow match, a watch, and enough gunpowder to relocate the House of Lords to the moon–Guy […]

Registration is now open

Ladies and gentlefellows, Registration for Barbells & Handlebars 2012, presented by East Dallas CrossFit, is now open. Come one, come all. Tickets are $30. That gets you a shirt, entry into the ‘stache and WOD competitions, and a chance to make your mark on the coveted Golden Moustache. The rest of your ticket price is […]


Prostate cancer is…

A.) A disease that will affect more than 240,000 men this year alone. B.) The cause of more than 28,000 deaths in 2012. C.) Will affect 1 in 6 men at some point in their lives. D.) All of the above. For husbands, brothers, fathers, and every other man you know, the answer is D. […]